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Home and Property Insurance

Kawartha Quotes knows that protecting your home and the people in it starts with the right insurance.  Kawartha Quotes personally works with each of our clients to help find the right coverage at the best price for the place you call home; be it a house, apartment, or condo.  Save money on insurance by combining your auto and home insurance.  Contact today to receive a free, no obligation quote on your home and property insurance.  Our Quote Request Form is quick and easy, and you can start saving on insurance today!

Insurance Coverage

Short Term Home Rental Coverage

If you are a home owner, or host and currently renting your home on a short term basis, contact Kawartha Quotes Insurance today to find out if you have the proper coverage for for a free no obligation quote.  Our staff are specialists, and will address all of your questions.

With the growing use of home-sharing services like AirBnB and other popular websites, hosts need to protect themselves when renting properties.  As of Feburary 1st, 2017 Kawartha Quotes is pleased to offer home sharing insurance.

Many home insurance policies limit or exclude short-term rental activity. Aviva recently conducted a consumer survey and it showed that 51% of people who rent their home on a short-term basis are unaware that they aren’t covered for the losses or damage that can occur while renting. With this new home and property coverage you have the peace of mind that you are covered with the appropriate protection.

The Short-Term Rental Endorsement is a simple addition to a home insurance policy, and can also be purchased as a standalone for rental income property owners. Customers can choose home-sharing coverage based on their rental activity and frequency.