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Protecting your cottage in the winter

Winter Cottage Ontario

Kawartha Quotes tips for protecting your cottage and you in the winter

Regardless of whether you close up your cottage for the winter or use it year-round, here are some seasonal safety considerations to make sure you and your cottage are safe during the winter months.

Snow Removal

Keep walk ways, driveways and access points clear of snow and ice.  If you cant be at your cottage all the time, it might be worth hiring someone local to clear snow and ice so you have easy access to the cottage when you do arrive.  Remember to use environmentally safe salt and sand to prevent any slips and falls.

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Space Heaters

Keep blankets, window shades and fabrics away from baseboard and space heaters.  It’s best to treat space heaters like open flame and only use only when you’re awake and keep them a fair distance from anything that could catch fire.  Make sure electrical cords are tangle free and kept away from the direct heat from the space heater.


Wood burning fireplaces all require some minimum distance to any combustible items.   Its always good to place a metal grate in front of a fire place to keep people and things at a safe distance from the fireplace.  Talk to kids and guests to make them aware of the dangers of a wood or gas fireplace.

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Water Runoff

Its important to keep melting and runoff water directed away from your cottage or home.  Make sure downspouts are kept clear and avoid any ice backup.   If required attach additional lengths or big O pipe to downspouts to direct water to a safe distance.  Keep window wells covered to avoid snow and water build up.  Remove large icicles from eavestroughs.  Its helpful to wear safety gear such as goggles or a hard hat when removing the icicles.