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How to store your boat battery in the winter

Your boat is out of the water and winterized, but don’t forget about the batteries in your boat.   The first step is to charge your battery before winter.  If your battery freezes, its toast!  A battery with a full charge can withstand freezing to about -60°C, but a discharged battery can freeze at -10°C.  Because of this its important to make sure your batteries are charged if you plan to leave the batteries in your boat.

Boat Battery Winter StorageIf you do leave your batteries in your boat, disconnect the electrical leads to prevent discharge.  If you can, we recommend storing your batteries at room temperature.  Its less strain on the batteries, but its not absolutely necessary.

Make sure you clean your batteries before storing them to also help prevent discharge.  Simple soap and water is all that’s required to remove geese and grime.  Its also important to charge your batteries periodically over the winter season.