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Top 5 Ways to Save on Boat Insurance

save money on boat insurance

Okay, Summer is finally here and its time to hit the water!  With Gas prices, locking prices and boat maintenance costs on the rise, you are looking for savings.  At Kawartha Quotes we understand how boating costs can quickly add up.  To help our customers, we have put together a “Top 5 ways to save on Boat Insurance“.

1. Bundle your boat and watercraft insurance with home and auto policy to save

  • You can save over 40% on your Boat Insurance by simply bundling your marine insurance policy with your home and auto policy.  Contact Kawartha Quotes for more information about bundling your insurance products.

2. Shop around to get comparison quotes

  • It can be surprising when you compare the rates from one insurance company to another for the same coverage. Kawartha Quotes and Sentinel Risk Insurance Group have access to several  insurance providers.  We search over 40 different insurance companies to find you the best rates based on your specific insurance needs.

3. Get a survey for older boats

  • If your boat is older than 10 years we recommend getting a survey before you request an insurance quote. Depending on the value of the boat, insurance companies may want the survey. Shopping for insurance is best when you haul your boat out of the water as it makes it convenient for the surveyor. Having a survey will also establish the value of your boat; this will ensure you get accurate quotes with the right coverage.

4. Deal with a brokerage that specializes in Marine Insurance

  • We are one of Ontario’s top Boat Insurance Brokers.  Not only do we specialize in Boat Insurance, but we are also boaters.  From Yachts, Sail Boats, Power Boats and Classic Boats, we have all of your marine insurance needs covered. We know the industry and have the expertise to properly assess your boat value and insurance needs.

5. Increase or inquire about your deductible

  • You have options when it comes to your deductibles.  If your deductible is too large you risk get hit harder with small losses, on the other hand too small of a deductible and you pay more in insurance premiums. There is a balance point that normally is roughly 2 to 3 percent of the value. At Kawartha Quotes we can help you find the deductible that is best for you.

Are you ready to start saving on Boat Insurance?  Lets get started…

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