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Save money on auto insurance with a winter tire discount

Ontario Winter Tire Auto Insurance Savings

In Ontario the temperature has been dropping, and this means its time to get your winter tires on.  Did you know you can save on your auto insurance by having certified winter tires installed?

Winter tires help keep you, your family and your vehicle safe in winter driving conditions.  When the temperature drops below 7°C, the compounds that make up all season tires become hard and stiff.  This results in less grip, even on dry pavement which means less safety and performance for your vehicle.  Winter tires are specifically designed for superior adhesion which makes a big difference in any weather conditions.  The unique formulated rubber compounds in winter tires reduce stopping distance by up to 25%.

As of January 1st, 2016 insurance providers in Ontario must offer discounts if you have winter tires installed on your vehicle.  Most discounts are between 2%-5% off the cost of your auto insurance policy.  This can equate to an average of $80-$100 of auto insurance savings per year based on the average cost of an auto insurance policy.  It may not seem like much, but these savings add up over time.  If you have an auto insurance policy with Sentinel Risk Insurance Group, give us a call to inquire about insurance savings by having winter tires installed on your vehicle.

Common Winter Tire Insurance Questions

When do the tires have to be installed on the car?

It depends on the insurance provider.  Your Kawartha Quotes Broker can help you understand your obligations based on your insurance provider.

How many snow tires must I have?


Must the snow tires be new?


I have all-season tires, do they qualify?


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