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Tips for winterizing your boat

Winterizing Your Boat

It’s sad to say, but its that time of the year again where we need to winterize and put our boats into storage.  Kawartha Quotes always recommends taking your boat to a licenced mechanic to properly winterize your boat.  It’s worth the costs and headaches to have a professional winterize your boat for you.  We have seen many clients in the past who have tried to winterize their boat themselves only to experience issues with the boat once its back in the water.  Your boat insurance may not cover any damages to your boat or motor if your boat isn’t winterized properly.  With that said, here are some tried and true points all boaters should consider when winterizing their boat:

  • The best place for your boat to be during the winter is out of the water, under cover, in a climate-controlled boat storage area.
  • Check your owner’s manual of both your boat and motor for manufacturer’s recommendations on winterization.
  • When winterizing your boat, its a good time to also change oil filter.
  • While you’re in the engine room you should also change the fluid in your transmission.
  • Remove spark plugs and use fogging oil to spray into each cylinder.
  • Wipe down the engine with a shop towel sprayed with WD-40.
  • Drain the septic tank
  • Thorough cleaning of the hull
  • Vessel visual check: hull, foot, propeller, engine, sails, etc.
  • Disconnect any batteries neutralize the water system.
Winterize Boat Insurance

Caring for your boat and following the owner’s manual instructions will ensure you and your family can enjoy your boat season after season.  At Kawartha Quotes we are not only insurance brokers but we are also boaters.  If you need advice on boat winterization, or boat insurance coverage, please feel free to call us today at  1-888-231-2011 and one of our boat insurance specialists will be happy to help.

Getting a new boat this winter?  Give us a call (1-888-231-2011) to receive a no obligation boat insurance quote on your new boat.

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