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Island Cottage Insurance in Ontario – What You Need to Know

Water Access Only Insurance

Island Cottage Insurance - OntarioYou found your sanctuary island cottage.  The setup is perfect, the island provides privacy and isolation from the busy world.  The only problem is that’s its difficult to get financing for an island cottage, and the insurance is more costly then a road access cottage.  Why is it so much more expensive to insurance an island cottage?  Kawartha Quotes partner Greg Kruk explains some of the challenges faced when insuring an island cottage, and why your policy can be more expensive when insuring an island (water access) cottage in Ontario.

There is a number of different factors that come into play when we insure water access only properties.  For example:

1 – Likelihood of theft when you close down your cottage for the winter increases as there is nobody up there to check on it.

2 – Likelihood of Vandalism when you close your cottage down for the winter.

3 – Repairs are expensive when you have to bring everything over by boat or barge.

4 – Sometimes water levels are risky for flooding in the spring.

5 – Fire department cant bring trucks over to fight a fire.   Therefore Island cottages have to be rated as unprotected for fire.